Thursday, November 08, 2007

20 years in 20 years

Thats the improvement to the new house buyer's profile in India. In the last 20 years, the average age of a new house buyer has reduced from 50-58 years to 30-38 years ( According to a report published in Business Line 2 days ago ) - A clear indication of spending power in the 30-40 year age group. The spending power is just going to penetrate even lower ( 25 year olds, depth ) and to a larger group ( more people in the age group, breadth) in the coming years.

As for me, i have managed to resist the pressure from mom ( who else!! ) and despite the tempting offers she threw in ( offering a small part of the money required!! ).

This step will have to wait for a while..


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Nithya said...

lol..wait a while and get it as a part of marriage package?? - ithu thaane unnoda plan? :d sly sly mind!