Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Deepam off the Blocks

It was in Jan 2008 ( 15th to be precise ) that Ram ( My mentor at Chennai Runners ) suggested that we do something like Deepam. It took almost 3 months and lots of discussions over coffee and email , to action the idea. A bunch of dedicated volunteers ( Special mention about Archu's efforts ) enabled Deepam see the light of day. Please do take some time and go over the site ( ) .

If you can help us in some way, i would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Addiction - But I won't Complain !!

Oflate, am addicted to a practise - Whenever i come across any company that pricks my curiosity ( happens most of the time ), i immediately start clicking to reach the founder bio's !!! It's really an addiction !! But i don't plan to quit this anytime - i only seem to benefit from this :)

During one of these "trips" , i landed on the justdial page and happened to read about the company founder's bio - extremely impressive !! Someone like you and me going on to build a fabulous company !!

He started out with just Rs.50,000 and right now JustDial is valued at 500 Crore!!!!

What is even more impressive - He actually worked at one of the Yellow pages companies, which was rather a commodity market ( lots of directories providing the info ). He then thought of a more customer centric business model for the directories, which didn't exist then and relentlessly worked on executing it. Quite a learning on differentiation in a commodity space.