Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Short Movie on 'Deepam'

Archana and Vidya had made a short movie on DeepamThis was presented at a conference in Chennai last week. Can be found here as well

Monday, January 12, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - Real and Imaginative

It is 2:30 am now and just watched Slumdog Millionaire - The perfect end to a weekend ! ( or the start to the week ). 

Every one who played a part in the movie, only competes with the other , to excel - Original story ( but bollywoodish ) , full-of-color /life visuals - Reminded me of a Mani Ratnam movie ( which is a compliment ) , 'real' acting by the young actors and AR Rahman completing the piece with music that 'connects'.

The movie inspired me to do 2 things - learn photography and capture the 'real' life around me & learn to play an instrument ( both of which have to wait for a long while.. ).

A must watch!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Fighting Fit

'Fighting fit' is my sports theme for 2009. The personal 'sports' goals for 2009

  1. Run regularly - Run 4 days and Average 35 km per week. A sub 5 hour marathon and a sub 2 hour half-marathon. Marathon plan - Auroville ( Feb 2009 ). A half marathon, later this year ( yet to decide )
  2. Ultimate Frisbee - 2 days a week. Learn to 'handle the disc' and learn to 'flow' in the game. Play 2 tournaments - at Kodai and the 'home' tournament at the beach
  3. Cricket - Play 1 tournament with RunsNWickets. Practise for 2 months before the tournament
  4. Cycling - Do a 300km + ride - Into the rural TamilNadu. In September 09. Replace daily 'car drives' with rides
This is the energy boost, for me to work on my 'other' activities - Excedos and Deepam.