Monday, January 05, 2009

Fighting Fit

'Fighting fit' is my sports theme for 2009. The personal 'sports' goals for 2009

  1. Run regularly - Run 4 days and Average 35 km per week. A sub 5 hour marathon and a sub 2 hour half-marathon. Marathon plan - Auroville ( Feb 2009 ). A half marathon, later this year ( yet to decide )
  2. Ultimate Frisbee - 2 days a week. Learn to 'handle the disc' and learn to 'flow' in the game. Play 2 tournaments - at Kodai and the 'home' tournament at the beach
  3. Cricket - Play 1 tournament with RunsNWickets. Practise for 2 months before the tournament
  4. Cycling - Do a 300km + ride - Into the rural TamilNadu. In September 09. Replace daily 'car drives' with rides
This is the energy boost, for me to work on my 'other' activities - Excedos and Deepam.


Hari said...


Super!! But also add SG marathon in your schedule..PLEASE !!!


Vishnuvardhanan Vijayakumar said...

Awesome Bro... But remember fitness also is also about good food and health :)

Anonymous said...


Anupama said...

A Full marathon at Auroville? Thats 5 sundays away. Go-go-go! Half-marathon every sunday and a 36km run on Feb 1st.
Nutrition is very important too.

George said...

KK!!! WTF no SGP?????

maaan... you cant drop that one!!! we need the co. and entertainment!! and organising!! :))

cheers!! G

Karthikeyan....KK said...

@ Hari - I surely want to do SG. Will know for sure, by the middle of this year!

@Vishnu - yes anna!! i will do as you say!!

@Anu - Yess!! Haven't practised. But yeah, want to do the full. 21k for the next 3 weeks :)

@George - Hahaha.. Am 'on' dude!!

Touche' said...

Goals set are as crisp and clean like u talk. My best wishes to achieve them!

alpine path said...

Good luck with these goals :)