Monday, January 12, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - Real and Imaginative

It is 2:30 am now and just watched Slumdog Millionaire - The perfect end to a weekend ! ( or the start to the week ). 

Every one who played a part in the movie, only competes with the other , to excel - Original story ( but bollywoodish ) , full-of-color /life visuals - Reminded me of a Mani Ratnam movie ( which is a compliment ) , 'real' acting by the young actors and AR Rahman completing the piece with music that 'connects'.

The movie inspired me to do 2 things - learn photography and capture the 'real' life around me & learn to play an instrument ( both of which have to wait for a long while.. ).

A must watch!


Archana said...

I second every statement made there:)

Photography- I can help u.....Instrument- u can start working on ur guitar stokes again :)

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Yes Archu - Photo, obviously i had you in mind ( more like , i had the D80 in mind :P ). Yes, i will learn from you :). Not sure when, though. Running at full capacity now :(

alpine path said...

Saw the movie, loved it as an Indian. But I think it gives a negative view of our country to foreigners. I was watching it in a US theatre and I had students and public alike asking me if this was really so and if every kid faced these problems. It was hard for them to imagine a safe and secure childhood for a child from a middle or lower middle class family. Heck! The middle-class-Indian-family concept was hard for them to understand. Though, we Indians know that the entire country is not like this, its hard to tell that to others. Also, it's a negative side effect of a great movie. Totally unintentional, but its there. But, as you said, it was inspirational too. Lovely music and direction :)

Karthikeyan....KK said...

@ Alpine - Guess, our IIT's / Techies are around to project the 'bright' dimension of India. Slumdog brings out a dimension as well. Though it doesn't 'sell' , it tries to 'Connect' India to western audience.