Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Any Given Sunday - Peace

This one gets me all the time ! Even now, after a few years and many hundred times of listening . When i was a part of Frost cricket team, we used to listen to this one before the big games / tournaments... :)


Monday, June 16, 2008

Moview Review : Dasavatharam

I have not taken the initiative to watch a movie in a long time - I blame my friends for all the pampering - the pull, tickets, pick-up and more :) . But for some reason, i was bent on watching Dasavatharam last weekend. When the first "source" didn't work out, the fall back was my usual guy - Always got tickets from him for weekend shows / 'closer to painpoint' shows. The 30+ calls i had to make, all of Saturday to get the tickets to watch Dasavatharam was definitely worth the time. A case of making up the mind to do something ( watch the movie ) and doing all it takes to accomplish ( watch !! ).

Plus :

  • The pace of the movie - i thought i was reading a Bourne series book :) ( yess! )
  • "RAW Kamal's" comedy !! He replaced the need for Vivek / Vadivelu
  • Stunts - One of the best i've seen in Tamil cinema
  • Story and the Characterisation of "Flectcher" , "RAW Kamal " , "Scientist Kamal "
  • Brilliant acting by Kamal in each of the roles
Minus :

  • Screeching by Asin - Not to blame her. She hardly had any scope.
  • Music - Could've been a lot better
  • Make-up Mishaps - Some roles had near perfect make-ups but some let down badly
I went in expecting a serious movie from Kamal. It turned out to be an entertainer. Friends and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie !

It is definitely a must watch !

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Choices and Cravings

Choices, sees a few in front of him. Picking 1 has always been easy. When the car has built up speed to the crossroads, there is only one way it can go. The direction and speed , dictated by the events and not really the daily traffic.

Insurmountable want ? Passion ?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Deepam Starts off the 2nd program


Please check , for the post on the latest program.

Am also posting here...

Deepam started off its 2nd computer program at Besant Nagar. Thanks to Nalamdana, we have a clean place (with a great view of the sea ) where we teach the kids, at the Olcott Kuppam area.

Start Date : May 24 , 2008
Place : Olcott Kuppam, Besant Nagar
Class : Saturdays - 2 PM to 4 PM
Duration : 4 Months

Ram lead the class, taking the kids through an interesting path, trying to get the kids to open up and ask questions. He began by getting the kids to talk about the dreams and openly encouraging the kids to go after the dreams.

In a subtle way, he was making the kids think , leading them into areas they have never been before - the master at work ! It was a lesson for not just the kids - for us volunteers as well !! From thirukural to tamil movies, civil engineering to animation, input / output devices to MS Paint, the kids were taken through an interesting session.

The kids then had their "hands-on" session - they let their creativity free on MS Paint. It sure was a happy feeling to see the kids hooked on to the laptop, exploring MS Paint - they probably know more tricks with the tool than many of us do !!!

Personally, the class is a source of great joy . The times spent with the happy kids just whizz past ! Every time in the last 2 weeks, i had gone on near empty gas ( late night work .. ) but came out of the session charged up. The kids' energy levels rub off on us !! Their smartness keeps us on our toes . The class' also serve as a way to discover myself as a person - it teaches me to be patient all the time . This is a class where learnings happen both sides - both the volunteers and the kids learn :)

If you guys have the time, just feel free to drop in during the class / volunteer to teach .



Friday, June 06, 2008

My Favourite Writer !!!

I wish i had her ability to express thoughts... Like she did here

" For the chronic traveler some journeys end and some others begin. The feeling of standing at the very brink of a new world always seems to persist. Maybe that is the drug, his only known addiction. His face, like worn leather, looks hardened by the sun and toughened by the winds. The scars on the other hand, marks from another world, tell vivid stories. His skin is by no means flawless........

.....Defeat is his when another journey, another trip, another mad plunge seems beyond his mental fiber.... "
Exactly what was running through my mind ! Thanks Anu !

Monday, June 02, 2008

ECR Cycling

After an absence of almost 4 months, i rode my bike - thanks to the ECR Cycling event organised by Chennai Runners and TI cycles. The participation and the ride was just simply awesome!

We had over 40 people cycling and many of them had never attempted the planned distance - 30 km !

I was very happy to see some pals cycle all the way to the finish. Having never cycled this distance before , they were apprehensive at the start. The finish line was one joyous scene - everyone on the finisher's "high" and lively !! The excitement, positive energy and the "high" was visible on every single finisher ( all of them cycled the entire distance ).-Archu / Amie - the 2 sports who had never done endurance sport before ! Both completed the distance easily !

Personally, i had a great ride. I started off pretty well and led the group for about 10 km, before i was overtaken by guys riding in TREK's ( Some day, i will get a TREK too ). At the 15 km turnaorund point ( crocodile bank ), TI had had a pit stop with refreshments. I had much needed energy bars and water and decided to chase the TREK's to Mahabalipuram.

A stead head wind kept coming at us right through till Mahabalipuram. I loved cycling the stretch between Crocodile bank and mahabs - we did 28-29 kmph . At the mahabs turnaround point, we had done 27 km in little over an hour.

The ride back was made easy by the tail wind. With speeds around 26-27 kmph, we were cruising until a puncture stopped a friend's ride. We lost 20 mins , before the backup vehicle picked him up. Then on, it was a smooth ride to the finish line.

A big thanks to all my pals who waited patiently at the finish line !

Ride stats :

Total Distance - 55 km
Route - ECR from Toll Booth to Mahabalipuram and back
Avg Speed - 25 kmph
Top Speed - 29.5 kmph