Monday, June 02, 2008

ECR Cycling

After an absence of almost 4 months, i rode my bike - thanks to the ECR Cycling event organised by Chennai Runners and TI cycles. The participation and the ride was just simply awesome!

We had over 40 people cycling and many of them had never attempted the planned distance - 30 km !

I was very happy to see some pals cycle all the way to the finish. Having never cycled this distance before , they were apprehensive at the start. The finish line was one joyous scene - everyone on the finisher's "high" and lively !! The excitement, positive energy and the "high" was visible on every single finisher ( all of them cycled the entire distance ).-Archu / Amie - the 2 sports who had never done endurance sport before ! Both completed the distance easily !

Personally, i had a great ride. I started off pretty well and led the group for about 10 km, before i was overtaken by guys riding in TREK's ( Some day, i will get a TREK too ). At the 15 km turnaorund point ( crocodile bank ), TI had had a pit stop with refreshments. I had much needed energy bars and water and decided to chase the TREK's to Mahabalipuram.

A stead head wind kept coming at us right through till Mahabalipuram. I loved cycling the stretch between Crocodile bank and mahabs - we did 28-29 kmph . At the mahabs turnaround point, we had done 27 km in little over an hour.

The ride back was made easy by the tail wind. With speeds around 26-27 kmph, we were cruising until a puncture stopped a friend's ride. We lost 20 mins , before the backup vehicle picked him up. Then on, it was a smooth ride to the finish line.

A big thanks to all my pals who waited patiently at the finish line !

Ride stats :

Total Distance - 55 km
Route - ECR from Toll Booth to Mahabalipuram and back
Avg Speed - 25 kmph
Top Speed - 29.5 kmph


Archu :-) said...

Thanks and all fine! But where is the treat u promised Amie and me???

U better treat us :)

alpine path said...

That's cool :) Cycling is a great sport and I love my bike. I recently brought a hybrid and am raring to go in it :)

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Archu - Keep Dreaming !!!

Alpine - Will look forward to the stories! Biking sure is fun ! Whats a hybrid ?

alpine path said...

Sure, will put them up soon :) Hybrid is the kind of bike that you can use both on the road and on mountains. It has a smaller wheel width than the ones used on roads and a larger one than the mountain bikes.

Nithya said...

wow this must have been real fun! KK and his many many passions :P

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Alpine - Nice. Post on your bike rides :)

Nits - Its time you got a bike in blore !!