Monday, June 16, 2008

Moview Review : Dasavatharam

I have not taken the initiative to watch a movie in a long time - I blame my friends for all the pampering - the pull, tickets, pick-up and more :) . But for some reason, i was bent on watching Dasavatharam last weekend. When the first "source" didn't work out, the fall back was my usual guy - Always got tickets from him for weekend shows / 'closer to painpoint' shows. The 30+ calls i had to make, all of Saturday to get the tickets to watch Dasavatharam was definitely worth the time. A case of making up the mind to do something ( watch the movie ) and doing all it takes to accomplish ( watch !! ).

Plus :

  • The pace of the movie - i thought i was reading a Bourne series book :) ( yess! )
  • "RAW Kamal's" comedy !! He replaced the need for Vivek / Vadivelu
  • Stunts - One of the best i've seen in Tamil cinema
  • Story and the Characterisation of "Flectcher" , "RAW Kamal " , "Scientist Kamal "
  • Brilliant acting by Kamal in each of the roles
Minus :

  • Screeching by Asin - Not to blame her. She hardly had any scope.
  • Music - Could've been a lot better
  • Make-up Mishaps - Some roles had near perfect make-ups but some let down badly
I went in expecting a serious movie from Kamal. It turned out to be an entertainer. Friends and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie !

It is definitely a must watch !


Nithya said...

Tickets are selling at an exorbitant price here - 300 bucks ansd above :) lets go when i come to good ol' chennai

The Maverick Blog said...

It is a nice movie.. A must watch... More than Kamal's 10 avatars, his egoistic self avatar dominated the movie.. That was the only sad part..

Nice to c u blogging da..

Chitra said...
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Karthikeyan....KK said...

Nits - ON!! We surely will :)

Sunil - Thanks for the visit Sunil. If you are in Chennai, we should meet up !

Anonymous said...

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