Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cell phone towers, Wind Turbines and a 4th std govt school kid

A Guest Post by my Brother Vishnu..

Hello people,

Cell Phone towers with wind turbines. I came across this idea about a week before my departure to US at NGRI (Govt School – near my home at Coimbatore). There was a science competition for govt school students. A 4th std boy from Dharapuram (small village in TN) came up with this idea and I was impressed at his out of the box concept. The sad thing was when the judges came to examine his idea; they thought it was a joke. I told the teachers about the creativity these boys had shown but they mocked at it and left.

 Came across a link, yesterday – Ericsson (Telecom Major) is developing cell phone towers fitted with wind turbines.

 We should have a platform to bring the innovative ideas of these children to life. Especially in a field like clean tech – were out of the boxes are need of the hour. If the same boy was here in NYC - he would have won the best innovative idea competition under any age group




alpine path said...

Good post :) I somehow think that people in India(me included) are more stuck in the conventional ways of thinking rather than trying out a different path. Had the teachers atleast given a thought that the boy's idea might work, things would've moved to the next step. So, it does depend on the adults to have the childlike curiosity towards life and I find that sadly lacking in us Indians(atleast a majority of us - there are a small but spirited group that doesn't fall into this category).

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Alpline - Yes, Agree with you. Thankfully, the adults am around with, are a lot more 'mature'. When i say 'mature', they are more 'child-like' :) . They still have faith in doing things in a different way.. they are not 'jaded'. We desperately need those people who have a refreshingly different outlook towards life !

I try to hang around these people as much as i can... They 'Live' a life :)

alpine path said...

The word I was looking for... jaded!! :) Yeah, they get more out of life than others.

Kannan said...

We need to think in this angle also though we have this modern technology email, internet i am sure if the guy is in NYC he would b accessed everything..
But with the current scenario that little boy is thinking out of box.. Excellent..
Think about in this dharapuram one future Abdul kalam / some one who can lead india is demotivated .. Think about whole India........... :(