Sunday, June 14, 2009

35 X 35

Am turning 27 in a few months and that got me thinking about goals / things i've done. Ideally, i should've made this list of things to do when i was 21.

Still, i guess it is never too late. These are the 35 things i would like to do before i reach 35. I've got 8 more years and am going to take a shot at this.

I will track the progress on 35 X 35 ( 35 by 35 ) and will update every 6 months.

1. Finish a marathon ( under 4 hours )

2. Win a local league cricket tournament with ‘ Runs n Wickers’

3. Win the ultimate Frisbee nationals with ‘Chennai Ultimate Frisbee’

4. Help Deepam ( teach 10,000 kids every weekend

5. Run a company successfully – Build it from startup stage

6. Run a ‘rural-focussed’ sports school

7. Teach entrepreneurship at college

8. Invest in 5 college start-ups

9. Cycle 1000 miles of the ‘tour de france’ route

10. Play the guitar

11. Buy some land and farm

12. Travel to atleast 20 states in India

13. Write a book

14. Watch a cricket worldcup final from the stands

15. Travel to atleast 5 continents

16. Never have a 'tummy' - Fighting fit and six pack abs

17. Go on a week-long trekking trip

18. Watch 5 F1 races from the track side / drive an F1 car

19. Watch all tennis grand slams from the stands

20. Build a green car

21. Fly an aircraft

22. Finish a triathlon race

23. Cook a full course meal for friends / family

24. Run a restaurant / Hotel

25. Dance at a social function!!

26. Design an energy efficient product

27. Understand school / college physics concepts!

28. Visit 50 countries

29. Launch an innovative product / keep innovating in that space

30. Run a rural market focussed company

31. Have a paint-balling arena / climbing wall / fun outdoor games at home

32. Do an M&A deal

33. Explore Tamil Nadu / North East India / All of India

34. Spend a month in a forest / Camping

35. Run a social enterprise


Archu said...

Cook food for family????????? so its punishment for them to eat it :P

Play the guitar???? Another cruelty to the people around u :P

Archu said...

Jus kiddding.....Nice post da.All the best.....

alpine path said...

Nice list! Good luck with it! :)

Anupama said...

Lovely list KK. Lots of good luck for this!

Want to do #34 too, a month away from the urban jungle.

Boston said...

Fly an aircraft? U sure you were not on a high while writing this? All the best KKji :)

Karthik Vijayakumar said...

KK....kickass stuff! Just as Vignesh said....hope you did not put this down on a Sat or Fri night!!

Good stuff....Wish you Good Luck in making most of it!


Adi said...

Awesome list KK!

Hope to be with you on #2 atleast!

Lots of wishes and prayers,

Hari said...

I really wish you do all of these.. Wish the very best !!!