Sunday, August 01, 2010

BITS2Marathon 5 x 5 : My 5

The BITS 5K 2010 is likely to be on September last week. As a lead up to the event, BITS2Marathon is organising a 5 x 5 event ( taking inspiration from my running group in Chennai ).

What is 5 x 5 ? Running 5 km for every day for 5 days. This will be a relay, where someone will pick up the baton and keep the 5 x 5 going.

I just compeleted my 5 x 5 . I ran between Tuesday (27 july 10 ) to Saturday ( 31st july 10). This was my longest streak – no runs missed in 5 days J

Day 1 – Ran a 6k , ran into some friends who started their run early. Made a note ( yes, again!! ) to go to bed early !!

Day 2 – Ran a 5k around boat club in Chennai and running alone wasn’t fun ! how do I balance running at my convenience and running with a bunch. Clearly, running with a bunch is more fun but can I do this at this point of time ?

Day 3 – Ran in the boat club area again and ran to the gym for a 40 min ‘core’ workout session. The pain was fun!!

Day 4 – Late night work, woke up late , ran around my locality at 7:15 am. Damn, I want to kick myself. Runs should stop by 7 am

Day 5 – Caught up with a friend at ymca, over a long walk. Discussed many things and finally ran near my home.

That was my 5 x 5 .

Lessons : Try to run with a bunch. Running alone is no fun

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