Friday, April 20, 2007

Cricket and my times playing that

Some of my best /worst in Cricket so far. Sometimes, i think that i started playing cricket right from the times i was in my mom's womb...

  • Ran away from the crease while batting, on seeing the bowler steaming in [me -Class 3 and the bowler some years senior] and with that, stumps and my standing in the team flew away!!! Never played for that team again!
  • I had the best kits in my neighbourhood [ I played most matches coz the team needed my kits]!!
  • Had the worst kit among my school team mates
  • Captained my school cricket team in my 12th std days. Won the only tournament we entered in and won too.
  • Bowled the fastest in my school. Had most of the wickets only coz of the fear factor.
  • Bowled a bouncer at a guy to prove to him that i could hit him. He was hit on the back of the head [felt sick at myself for doing that, and never bowled for the rest of the inning]
  • Took a cruicial wicket- bowled, in an inter-school final.
  • Got hit for a few sixes in an intra-office game. Worst ever!
  • Bowled some 25-30 bouncers at that guy at the next NETS!!
  • Got my nose broken while fielding.
  • Got my left little finger broken while batting.
  • Never cheated in cricket.
  • Lost my wicket more than a few times coz the umpire erred. And in one, we lost the game and the shield.[Was in the best form and we were so close to victory]
  • Never made a difference to a few games i played.
  • Won a few on my own.
  • Played at the "Royal toilet pitch". The pitch in my school which is right behind the loo.
  • Have bowled 13 overs straight in 25 over games during school days. Felt great then. Feel stupid now. Couldv'e made intelligent moves with other bowlers.
  • Had a batting average of 47 runs and took 12 wickets in a 3 match series [25 overs] during school days.
  • Was one of the worst cricket captains my school house team would've had. But learnt so much after my stint as a captain there.
  • Learnt that the best thing a captain should do is building the team, getting them give the best, playing hard with the team, seeing people score/bowl well and win in the process. That gives a feeling then even a personal 100 or a 5-wicket can't beat.
  • Had some of my best moments with frost cricket team - both as player and a captain
  • Was the best player in my school house team and was in the top 2 in my school during that last 2 years at school.
  • Always helped pack the team's kit and lay the mat on.
  • My respect for a guy went up if he pitched in with kit packing. More, if the guy was a senior.
  • Blasted a mighty quick 48 [not out], when the whole school was watching us play in an inter-school game. And all of them got to "know me by name" instantly.
  • Got out for a duck, when the whole school was watching us play in the next game, with a huge expectation from me
  • Let down my school team in a few past students Vs present students games.
  • Played for my school team for 3 years!
  • Was offered a chance to be in the main eleven in one of my district 3rd division teams
  • Felt absolutely miserable when i was made to sit in the "bench" during my "neighbourhood cricket" days - The team just "used" my kit. Was laughed at for this!!!!
  • Scored my maiden 100 [105 n.o] in a chennai corporate league game and appeared in the local news paper!
  • Never made it to my college cricket team. Was one of the lowest points in my cricket days.
  • Thought i lost my cricket abiltiies after the accident.
  • Rebuilt most of my strokes and changed my bowling action [infact, i forgot what my earlier action was, after the accident]
  • Suck at playing tennis ball cricket.
  • Plastered the wall at my home with ball marks all over.
  • Broke my dad's car window and more than a few flower pots at home playing cricket
  • Never won the cricket shield in the inter-house matches during the school days. Pals still joke about it!!
  • Captained and won an intra-hostel cricket game with just 4-5 guys who play cricket, against an opponent filled with 11 stars. One of the best moments in cricket.
  • Never won a toss, captaining frost cricket team.
  • Never slept before a cricket game.
  • Hate watching cricket on T.V these days. Don't watch even a ball, most times.
  • Watched Ind Vs Aus at Sharjah during the 10th board exams. Never missed a ball.
  • Spent my entrie childhood weekends and weekday evenings playing cricket. All day long and sun never bothered us.
  • Made some really awesome pals playing cricket. Most of my school buddies were made on cricket field.
  • Used the 15 min interval to have lunch and the 45 min lunch break during school times for the cricket games , every day from class 5 to class 9.

More.. when i remember!


Ashwini said...

KK....! ur best until now i believe...:) just the betting angle got missed out ;)

Abhinav Vinayakh Shankar said...

Bowled some 25-30 bouncers at that guy at the next NETS!!
That guy = me!
Boy! was I at the receiving end. Lucky, I finished the nets alive!

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Ashwini - Thanks. and yeah, get back to blogging!

Abhinav - You sure were lucky man. I was visualising a hit on your face [:P]! Missed it!!