Sunday, April 08, 2007

Virtual Classroom Resources

Virtual university was a term that didn’t have much relevance to me, until, I came across this Stanford university page with audio podcasts on Entrepreneurship. Here is the link[] to some informative and inspiring guest lectures at the Stanford business school.
Especially, liked the 5 must haves for an entrepreuner by the CEO of eHarmony - Gregory Whaldrof - Listing those here..
  • Being able to work with great people
  • Got to take smart risks - Never pass up an opportunity because you will fall behind your peers
  • Being willing to adapt, when things don't go your way
  • Never work on something that you aren't passionate about
  • Have a plan to get to where we want to go
I really recommend you to listen to this one. Found this inspiring and thought provoking. And i figured out that in the things i've been successful at so far[not many though, yet!!], i could check most of the points.

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