Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Grandpa and Love!

It was some 6 months ago - I was just back from UK and going through a phase where real and unreal were too hazy to differentiate. And this happened.

I had come home to Coimbatore on a break and was at a family function. I was meeting the close family circle after a gap of 2 months. I had brought with me, tons of choclates got from UK, to munch on, at the function. The box was taken around the place and was shared with everyone at the gathering - "little" cousins laying their hands on the different varieties . There is something about "phoren" [foreign] choclates that makes it melt away and makes the box go empty.

My maternal grandma couldn't make it to the function. She isn't keeping well for a while [guess, raising 6 children and 9 grandchildren has taken its toll]. She hardly comes out her room, on the bed most of the day and is in quite a bit of pain. In an another time, when she was doing well physically, she is the nicest lady anyone would come across. Haven't heard one harsh word from her about anyone and always helping people around. But the pain has taken its toll - She is still the nicest person, but sometimes takes the pain out on the one closest to her - my grandpa. Sometimes, i feel sorry for both of them. Grandma, for the pain shes is in and grandpa, for the things he takes in his stride.

The choc box was almost empty and in my enthusiam to give away the chocs, i had almost forgotten that i had to send some to my grandma, who couldn't make it to the function.It was then, my grand pa came over to me.

He opened the box, took a couple and said " This is for 'paatie'. She will like them"!
I had a tear in my eyes!


Shumit said...

grand parents are always really special.

The Dragon said...

Dunno what it is about grandparents- it's a completely different kind of love you feel for them. My grandma was really special- still is. Just miss her loads.

Cherish the time you have with them, my friend :-)

Roopa said...

Karthik - I had tears flowing down my cheeks when I read this post..unfortunately - I don't have both my grandparents whom I loved soooo much:-(((. You are lucky to have them, spend as much time as possible with them.

Ravi said...

Very touching man ! Hope you get a wife who takes care of you this well and you in turn of her !

Nice post.

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Shumit - Yes, man totally. Especially, when all your childhood days was spent at their place!

Dragon /Roopa - Yes sir/madame. But being away from hometown hardly helps.

Ravi - Thanks for visiting! and thanks for your wishes!