Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Idea # 1 - Adventure Company in Chennai

I've been thinking about Entrepreneurship since the school days, dad being the initiator and the inspiration! Have thought of a number of ideas and i thought i would share some of them here. If you plan to use the idea, feel free do so - Just contribute 25% of the profits to my running group's social programs!!!
So here we go
Idea # 1 - Adventure Company in Chennai
What will it do: Make people experience "fun" and "adventure" in Chennai.
Need: Having lived the good part of last 2 and a half years in Chennai, i see a lack of entertainment options for the people. Beyond the multiplexes and the drive down the ECR or the cheaper option of spending the evenings at the beach or the "healthier" [pun intended] option of pubs, there isn't really much to choose from, to spend the weekends or even the weekday evenings.
How will we do it : Organise some fun and adventurous events - Catamaran rides into the sea, deep sea fishing experience, night stays in tents - on the beach, group cycling rides and many more.
Most organisations in Chennai have a 2 day weekend and this should help.
Also, the company can look at providing these experiences for Corporates!
What do you guys think?


Archu said...

Am game!! As always ;-)

Abhinav Vinayakh Shankar said...

We've done the fun rides before so we know how much fun it can be!
Organising should be even more fun; let alone the look on the ppl's faces when they have experienced one!

Ramachandran.C.V. said...

I still dont understand why they are still not here..with all these IT ppl around there shud be 10 such options!

Boston said...
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Boston said...

But the whole idea of fun in adventure is still a remote thought in the average chennai-ite! You probably first need to publicize it and then there is a lot of business!!!

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Archu - You game to start-up? Wow! Remember, 25% of profits for social causes!

Abhinav - Oh yes, fun it is!

Mullu - True, and thats why "now" is the time to start!!

Boston - This is a concept for which word of mouth and "free" marketing will work! When people experience the fun, they bring more people back to us! Our target customer would be the 20 to 30 age group guys. With more 25 year olds having money to spend and "looking for entertainment options", we have found the need, that we can fill in.

Maj SR Roy said...

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