Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chennai Half Marathon

Yet another marathon , where the 'want' and 'execution' were poles apart. I wanted to do a sub 2 hour 21 km run. But never practised for it. An occasional 10 km sunday run and a 5km run on some days during the week happened. Before the run morning, the longest run i did was 12 km.

And naturally the result - 2:38 for 21 km .

However, the regular frisbee / cricket and the runs ensured i was NOT depleted at the finish line. But surely, i need to improve strength in the legs. The positives from the run - 5:1 run-walk technique and the identification of areas to improve.

Also, this run was my first fund-raiser run for Deepam - Run for a Cause. The big target is to go under 4:30 for the 42 km at Mumbai in Jan 2010 and also to hit $10,000 , through run for a cause.

Need all your wishes and support to hit both goals!

P.S Thanks to the energy bunny Shankar Lal for the pics!

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Vishnuvardhanan Vijayakumar said...

All the best KK, you will hit the target.