Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chennai Heat 2009 : Ultimate Frisbee Nationals : Chakraa - Champions !!!

Beach ultimate in India started off at Chennai , 2 years ago – When i came across this sport , i instantly got addicted to the quick thinking / running aspect of this sport. It has been quite a journey, since the last 2 years. Chennai Heat , which started off as a regional tournament in 2007, has grown to be the biggest ultimate tournament in India currently. 10 teams , over 150 players played in the Chennai Heat 2009 over 2 days, watched by over 2000 people each day

Since the 1st tournament in Novemeber 2007, i’ve been on the losing side – with the nov 2007 tournament hurting the most ( we lost from 4-1 up/leading , in the finals ).

The other tournaments that Chennai team played , were mostly ‘individual’ driven – 2/3 players stood out and dominated the team. Ultimate being a team game, Chennai ended up losing, despite playing some brilliant points.

When i started practising for the 2009 tournament, i noticed a distinct difference – many players were playing confidently / playing smart games. The pace of the game had improved and yet, most of the advances were solid – throwing to the free man, swinging around , waiting for the right cuts and cutters responding to the handler. All the practise games were tight ones and each of the teams looked like winners. All of the team members seemed to know what the handler was expecting instinctively.

It was after one of the practise days, i was thinking to myself about the possibility of the ‘first strike’ - Striking off #3 in this list. Seemed realistic .

In the tournament, Chakraa was playing as a team – everyone was having fun. Everyone was doing their bit – no spectacular plays, yet thrashing the opponents. The ‘hardest’ game was a 9-5 win. Chakraa won all the games comfortably. Final win wasn’t a surprise :) . Am sure, there was very little pressure on the individuals - 'Team' play carried us through :)

Interest in Ultimate is growing in Chennai – Thanks to CUF and some active players like Manu , Abhinav , Ajay , Mama , Bharani , Mondams , Subbu among others. They nurtured Stall 7, which is the team to watch out for in the coming tournaments.

Ultimate time ahead for the ultimate fans / players in India !


Jesse Meijers said...

I came across your post when I was looking for Ultimate related articles and I have a question.

My girlfriend and myself are thinking about travelling around South-East Asia next summer (well after World clubs since I am training until then). I was wondering how big the Ultimate scene is in India and other South-Asian countries. And whether it would be easy to train with different clubs for some nights.

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

Ultimate has been growing in popularity in India over the past year or so.. We currently have over 200 players across the cities of Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pondicherry and Kodaikanal...

Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai have a very active Ultimate scene, and depending on where you will be in India, you can feel free to contact these teams for details on when and where they play... And of course, everyone's invited :-)

These are their websites/ groups/ emails -

Delhi -

Chennai -

Bangalore -

Mumbai -

Ultimate is also popular in countries such as Sri Lanka (Colombo), Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines. You can find info on these teams from Google, I guess.

Anyway, hope this helps..

Siddharth (Delhi)