Friday, January 01, 2010

My Sports Plans - 2010

Probably, the only part of my plan that i can talk openly :)

  1. 35 km running per week
  2. A sub 2 hour half marathon
  3. 1 full marathon
  4. Improvement in flexibility and strength
  5. Cycle more – errands / in city commute, as much as possible
  6. No 2 days without an activity – Run / Cycle / Frisbee / Cricket / Yoga
  7. Cricket – Play atleast 1 tournament with RnW. Improve bowling accuracy and bat longer innings
  8. Frisbee – Play atleast 1 tournament with Chakraa. Learn to handle
  9. Atleast 2 days of yoga, per week
I believe this is possible. Wish me luck :)


Anonymous said...

dei... nee bogs poradha kooda FB-la status message-a podanuma...ha haa

Boston said...

that's pretty conservative :) All the best! :-)

Giri said...

Hey KK, wow nice that you are planning this out. Good Luck, I can help you with the 2nd goal, if you need help that is.


chandana said...

good plan,not too difficult if only you are willing to take time out of work for yourself.its not like you are just starting or anything,its just a continuation of what you have been doing,in a more organised way.
so I wish you all the luck you want.

Kamal said...

hey dude

Certainly good luck with your plans .... both for your sports and company.

Your are a awesome guy ...continue rocking.

Nithya said...

Good luck KK! Nothing seems impossible, knowing you ;-)

Dpk said...

Best wishes da KK. Deepak(Janu)

Freewheely said...

not a big deal for u i guess...go ahead n do it man...