Friday, January 01, 2010

My 2009

My 2009 ( in no particular order ... )

  1. BITS2Marathon – An idea we ( Vignesh in UK , Mahesh in US and Me in India ) discussed over a skype call in September 2009 , took off really well. The group organised the 1st ever BITS 5K Run for the BITS community ( ). Over 250 BITSians are a part of this group,currently. None of us quite planned for this at the start of 2009. BITS2Marathon was a happy surprise of 2010 :) . Hope the BITS 5K Run will be a ‘Tradition’ / yearly activity and inspires many to take up running / stay fit.
  2. Deepam has had a special 2009 - Lots of people have now stepped in and are contributing, truly a collective effort. Felt really happy when the 2009 childrens day celebration at Deepam was a success , with *NO* contribution from me :)
  3. Deepam library project getting off the blocks , Deepam UK / KC / PUD centre functioning in a steady way , New centre additions , Improved visibility for Deepam through social media, Partnerships with other organisations and many more at Deepam. India Today mention is a recognition of collective contribution
  4. Chennai Heat 2009 win – Enjoyed playing this Ultimate Frisbee Tourney with Chakraa ( ). The 1st tournament victory for Chakraa. Also helped in my “ 1st strike”.
  5. Couldn't have asked for a better personal life in 2009 :) - The 'dip in the ocean' has been fun. The swim should start soon :)
  6. Probably the best B'Day party i've had in my life, so far !!!! Thanks to some fantastic pals who came over and made the day very special
  7. Watched so many movies in 2009, "hindi ones" especially ;) and enjoyed the road trips to Vedanthangal and the ones in December. Also, i always seem to have a new dress to wear for every occasion. Influences ;)
  8. BITS 30 Under 30 award was a bonus :) - I've done more work / got more recognition from BITS, after i graduated from BITS, than during my times there :)
  9. RunsnWickets has become quite active. Team is gelling really well and i've quite enjoyed the NETS / Matches with the team in 2009. Though we lost a series in 2009, i expect 2010 to be much better , enjoyable year at Runs n Wickets. Personally, i'm more 'aware' of my bowling / batting. Can't wait for a series to start in 2010.
  10. Ran / finished 2 half-marathons, officially. No Marathons in 2009. But i am happy i learnt a few tricks - now i know the areas to work on / know a bit about my running, especially the technical aspect of my running. Earlier, i was shooting in the dark. This awareness , hopefully, should be helpful in 2010
  11. Enjoyed the interactions i've had with the college students through the NEN Entrepreneurship interaction series. Met / spoke with 100's of students at colleges in Chennai. Hope to see atleast some of the students, taking the entrepreneurship plunge
  12. Work has been on the 'slower' side in 2009. 2008 was a much better year for me, professionally. But, if the signs in the last 2 months are an indication, 2010 should be an interesting year.
Oh, if i have missed out something, feel free to refresh my memory ... :)

Thanks and have a fantastic 2010.

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