Monday, October 18, 2010

Inspiration ;)

She is always the one with the smile(s)
& Her enthusiasm stretches thousands of mile(s)
She pulls a lot of surprise
and makes everyones happiness rise
With her around
Fun is unbound !

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Anonymous said...

well...this might look little odd to u, i mean my comment! but i hope yr website does not discourage unknown people (like me!) to comment on "inspirational" inspiration tghts like the one u posted! did u write it, by the way? well, i m just writing to u thank u for these wonderful lines u posted! i was looking out for another "kathikeyan" , who happens to be a long lost frd..and bumped into yr twitter account and then finally to to yr website! just wonder how u manage all that u do in a day! phew! hope u keep inspiring lazy people like me/us this way! keep the good work goin! :)