Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What did you ship in 2010

Inspired by the Seth Godin post , i take shot at the work that got done in 2010
  1. What started off as a fun idea in 2009, become the big focus for me in 2010. More than 90% of my time was spent there. From running around trying to hire the tech team in Feb / March 2010 ( where we wasted many many coffees trying to pitch to the wrong guy ) to the investment offers we got later in the year, 2010 was a lot of fun. The team was delighted to get the positive feedback from the students / companies!
  2. Spent many days at colleges talking to students on 'initiatives'
  3. Loved the process of bringing a 'team' together - twenty19 has a sooper fun / action-oriented team
  4. Media was very generous on
  5. Officially, Ran 1 marathon ( don't ask me the time taken ) and 1 half-marathon ( i said.. dont ask me the time!! )
  6. Scored a few 50s - probably a better year in Cricket
  7. Deepam 3rd anniversary , HP EdTech 2010 award and more
  8. Bits2Marathon had over 600 BITSians registering to run 2010 run - We were thrilled to get the BITS Alum Association support
  9. School 10 year reunion - My awesome school buddies gave me the 'Sportsman of Our Batch' award at our 10 year reunion !! Was sooper excited to get this.. afterall, learnt everything right there, at the school
This year also made a clear statement for me - in a team 'sport' , one is only as good as the team. Am so glad to work along with some awesome folks at / deepam / runsnwickets / chennairunners / bits2marathon and everywhere else!

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V said...

Hi . I twittered chennai entrepreunership and after a lot of browsing somehow, landed to your page :)

I myself am currently on the brink of becoming an entrepreneur and was looking for a network of start up freaks in chennai :). So was wondering if you had a better idea of how the startup network is around here.
ps: the weekend cricket club sounds really fun :)