Sunday, June 24, 2007

'Last Mile' Problem?

Travelling right now.
Saturday night, Cochin to Coimbatore Trip Stats
Rs 180 - For the bus ride [190+ km ride] from MG Road Cochin to Gandhipuram,Coimbatore [ Conti Travels, Non-AC with push-back seats]
Rs 150 - For the 3 km ride to the bus boarding point at Cochin [ 11:45 PM, Ambassador taxi]
Rs 100 - For the 5 km ride from the alighting point to home [ 4:45 AM, Auto]
Thats a real "last mile" problem!


Roopa said...

LOL!! Karthik- consider this,

Bangalore to Chennai - 361 kms - Lalbagh Express - Rs.115

Chennai Central to my home at Saidapet - Rs.120 (Pre-paid rate)

You negotiate and he will agree for 100/- Ridiculous!

Siva Jayaraman said...

hmm... one of the several ironies of life..!!!!! :)

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Roopa - Another way of looking at it is - Customisation Vs Standardisation!!! and the cost associated!! "Last Mile" is customisation and "point A to point B" is Standardisation!!

Siva - Oh yes!! and thanks for the visit!

silver said...

alas, u reached home safe.....priceless