Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ultimate Frisbee in Chennai

Trust me, i got the chance to do just that today morning!

Played the Ultimate Frisbee game with the chennai ultimate frisbee gang, starting at 5:30 am at the besant nagar beach. Fell in love with the game.
Rules of the game suits my idea of sports
  • Team sport
  • Co-ordination with team mates
  • Makes players think on the feet
  • Intense physical exertion
  • Team bonding

Since we played on the beach, got the opportunity to do some fancy diving. One of my team mates [karthik] smartly threw the frisbee towards the base line, giving the fribee the right amount of time to float in the air. I ran towards it, the frisbee enticing me and its float kept me interested in the chase. Kept running and just when it was about to hit the ground, i leapt forward [unconsciously], the instinct to catch the frisbee before it fell on the sands leading me and with my outstretched body and the hands, managed to hold on to the frisbee. Ultimate exhilaration!!

Though my team [ Sundar, Bhargav and Me] lost to [Manu, Sid and Anba], we really had an awesome time. Sweat it all out, pushed ourselves to the hilt and the 30 min game was a lot of fun.

If you are keen to play, you are welcome. Please go here or call me - 9884217276. We play on the saturdays , starting at 5:20 am.


Abhinav Vinayakh Shankar said...

duh! another miss!

Amritha said...

heyy....nice..didnt know they played ultimate frisbee in chennai..that too on b.nagar beach..cos i come walkin there in the morn....

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Abhinav - Hmm keep missing!!

Amritha - Thanks for dropping by. We started playing since a week, and we play only on Saturdays! If you are keen, join us!

Boston said...

dei abhinav idhuku dhan romba enthu potu "I am in, Cheers" apdinu adika koodadhu, sindichu seyalpadanum! - ippadiku peraringar boston!

Archu said...

Running,cricket,Tennis and now Frisbee.....kallakara neenga:-)

Rhapsoder said...

Abhi.. useless fellow. So u're the one who was the promised "3rd" player!

KK.. next time go to his place and pour a cup of scalding water on him and bring him to play.

Ultimate is mostly played as a co-ed game. Most official games will have 2 mandatory women on the team (and probably explains why its strictly a non-contact sport). I'm bringing along a friend next weekend. Hopefully that will kickstart the involvement of women in the game.

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Peraringar Boston - Lol!!

Archu - Neenga vareengala game aaada?

Rhapsoder - Welcome Manu! Sure, the guy is "in" for that next time!
Let me also check if any of my opposite sex pals are keen to play this one!!

sathishk said...

cool da you guys keep doing something or the other!!