Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ennem Maa Thozhi..

Sometimes ( very rarely , though ), we end up listening to just one song in a day. Nopes, not just once - One song ALL DAY. With the REPEAT ON, i listened to the folk song by Vedanth Bharadwaj, the whole of yesterday. A bunch of us went for a story telling session on Sunday ( despite the heavy rains) where Vedanth performed. He had us in a trance, to say the least. Was worth wading through the waters... definitely!

This song ( Ennem maa thozhi ) can be found towards the latter part of the You tube video below. Thanks Vedanth for sharing this one.

Video , btw, is made by Vedanth's pal Bindu Malini. Awesome creativity.


Btw, i have the mp3 of "Ennem maa thozhi...". Mail me if you want this one.


alpine path said...

I just love the lyrics! Where can I download the mp3 file?

Karthikeyan....KK said...

@ Alpine - Mail me at karthikeyan dot vijayakumar at gmail dot com. Will send the mp3 to you. I had cut the mp3 from this you tube video.

Touche' said...

Thanx a ton for the song..kk. I felt a calmness spreading over me when i listen to this 51 second short song

alpine path said...

Check out the movie Kaalai Pani. Its got the full version of Ennamaa Thozhi.