Sunday, October 21, 2007

A week and a Weekend

One 20 hour work day
two 18 hour work days
Packed work week
My Cricket team chasing 189 in 22 overs and winning, on saturday
Meet passionate entrepreneurs on saturday night over drink and fun
Garba and dancing ( ok ok trying to !!) with pals 11 pm to 3 am on saturday midnight
Head home for more fun at my house party with pals , till 5 am ( sorry i slept at 4 !! )
Head out to play ultimate frisbee at 5:30 am ( dark red eyes!! )
Burn lung at the frisbee game
Work on Sunday afternoon
Watch McLaren lose ( :( ) over dinner
Write this post at 12 midnight, Sunday

Love my work and play ( the orders change but the intensity remains!! )

P.S Missed running with ChennaiRunners :( . Damn...


divya said...

Dont tell me you did not have even a wink of sleep after that... if not then i should say you are definately a super human... (or did you censor the part that you worked with closed eyes in the afternoon) :D

Archu:-) said...

Ok...I know u are capable of doing this again & again.But if u continue like this very soon u will have to retire.And now dont call me mother India bcos i have said this!

Nithya said...

How cud u forget mentioning abt those sweet & nice pple who missed out on their sleep to make sure u get ur butt outta bed n dragd u along for the game without leaving u behind! :)

Karthikeyan....KK said...

@ Divs - Oh yes, slept like a log when i got home after frisbee :P

@ Archu - Yes amma :) Will listen to you!

@ Niths - hehe !! ok ok !! I admit, i woke up for frisbee coz of my wonderful pals ( who threatened to burn my eyes with water !!! )