Sunday, October 07, 2007

Girls, Running in Marina and Men

Running on the Marina sands is one of the best running experiences. It feels like you are lugging some 20 kg weight strapped to your legs. It feels even better when you do a 200 metre sprint on a hard road, at the end of the workout - gravity doesn't seem to affect you at all and you can really TAKE OFF!

Ok, that is not the point of this post.

Whenever i've run at Marina ( on the inner tar road ) with a girl, i've a great time (it is because of the company, obviously :P ) !! . It is also really interesting to observe the men ( who form the majority of the morning walkers / joggers and most are in the 30's , 40's and 50's ). Some points..

  • I stare at men ( ok ok I am quite straight .. ) for like... ages and not one has noticed that ( for he is staring as well )
  • The velocity of the man in front relative to us decreases considerably from the spotting time till we pass him / them after which it picks up again
  • When i spot an interesting girl in front of us and coming towards us, then my velocity with respect to her decreseas as well ( oh yes, am not a hypocrite!! )
  • And if the girl in front has a man in tow, their relative velocity has little change on spotting us ( poor guy.. he doesnt have an option !! )
And yeah, it kind of hit me hard when i saw men staring at my pals - It really makes them uncomfortable with the attention and most times, it interferes a great conversation happening during the run. Sometimes, its hard to be a girl . ( I am not a saint and i sure do have spent times looking at the women ). Having had the opportunity to be almost in the shoes of the girl, i can get the discomfort men sometimes cause ( harmless intent , if i have to defend the men and me)


Archu :-) said...

Lol!Enna observations pa!And talking about discomfort- I guess we know men like the back of our hand and dont really bother about their stares(Mind it-"as long as its harmless")

alpine path said...

yeah! True, especially, if it is a saturday morning and the entire city comes to jog on the beach. But I do miss Chennai and the feel of air. Good post!

Nithya said...

mmmhhh...what is the prob? is it tht it interferes with a gr8 conv? :D

Karthikeyan....KK said...

@ Archu - Seringa akka !!
@ Alpine - Yes, Chennai has its own charms..
@ Nithya - Oh totally. You made the right connection !!