Sunday, February 01, 2009

2 for 4 ( Continued )

I had planned to run the Chennai Marathon in Sep 08 and Singapore Marathon in Dec 08, to raise money for DeepamChennai Marathon was DONE - But couldn't practise / run the Singapore in Dec 08. 

Am running the Auroville Half Marathon ( 21 km ) on Feb 15 2009, to complete the 2 for 4 project. 2 weeks ago, running even a 2 km was proving to be difficult, because of a knee injury. Some resting / stretching has helped me recover . This morning, i did a 21 km and i should be able to do the 21 km at Auroville, comfortably.

Here is the appeal again -

2 for 4 : Through these 2 runs, i wish to raise 4 lakh rupees - this money will be utilised to get computers, Internet connection and reading material for the kids. We wish to place the computers permanently at the locations we teach - Govt. Schools, Slums and orphanages.

I request you to support me in this effort - If you can donate / spread word about the program, i would really appreciate it.

Please do get in touch with me, if you can support in some way.


alpine path said...

Good luck! Can I blog about the runs and link to your post? Would that help? Also, check my latest post. I'm trying to find out what people think about the recent attacks in Mangalore. It would be great to know your views on it.

Karthikeyan....KK said...

@Alpine - Sure, please do blog !! Any support is welcome!

alpine path said...

Good luck with your upcoming run! And I've linked my post to yours. Hope this helps!