Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Idea # 7 - Flash Visuals of Concepts to aid Teaching

Problem : I was teaching the kids at Deepam , the concept of 'Force' , some months ago. I had prepared 4 simple examples t0 help students understand , better. I used the blackboard , 'told' them examples - Didn't help them much to 'visualize'. 

I got a couple of kids to 'enact' what i was 'saying' - the kids were able to understand easily. So, clearly, the problem is with 'teaching methods'.

Solution : Develop flash visuals for all concepts from the LKG to Class 12 and beyond.

If someone is aware of any free content on the web, please do let me know.


Ramesh said...

KK, has some good material for young kids.


Arvind said...

KK, I fail to see the logic connecting your problem and solution. Yes, showing a Flash visual is quicker and neater than drawing on the whiteboard. But to really understand, experiencing it is the best way. Lets say, how center of gravity works, or a lever, or a pulley. The 'stickier' method would be a physical demonstration and participation as opposed to a flash video. Talk < Visualize < Experience