Sunday, February 08, 2009

Idea # 6 - Google Lattitude and Indian Public Transport

Google Latittude was launched last week. It brings real time location updates of friends using Mobile phones. This features opens up a bunch of possibilities - one of which is in Indian Public Transport system.

Idea - Provide real time update on Indian Public Transport, using Google Latitude ( similar to London )
Resource : A compatible mobile phone in each public bus / train. Use of the Google Lattitude API ( not available right now, but can be requested ? ). One website, which updates the location info, which can be accessed from mobile / PC
Monestisation : This service for each bus / train might cost about 12k every year for connection plans + cost of device (12k ) + maintenance cost ( hosting / support - 12 lakh per year ? ).

 The website will have ads. Also, people can also request location info with a simple SMS. So, ads can be sent through SMS, for every request. Ads bring in monies.
Benefits : More usage of public transport ( since i can plan my travel better )

What do you think ?


alpine path said...

A good idea. Public transport would become oh-so-good with this one. But from some ventures that I know in India, the service providers would charge to even use this service and people would just not use it. Rather, if it was given for free and the monetization comes only from ads, people would definitely use it. Are the bus companies listening?

Hari said...


Take a look at

Arvind said...

neat idea. read this when you have the time -