Friday, July 20, 2007

Another ride into the sea!

The sea is inviting. Period.

For the entertainment starved Chennai makkal, sea offers the best escape route for fun and adventure. Needless to say, my pals and I are totally in love with the catamaran rides !

Here are some pics from a recent ride into the Bay!

Pals with the lifejacket strapped on and rushing to the sea!

We jumped into the catamaran and rolled over the waves for about 3-4 km into the sea . Catamaran was stopped and rope was thrown in and the guys followed, dived into the inviting sea! After 45 mins of peacefully floating around, swimming, ducking the pals, splashing the waters and more, we turned back to the land.

Personally, i find that these rides "complete" my weekend. It refreshes me and helps me unwind!

I know i will go back again... very soon!


Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I would love to know where I cud go on a catamaran let me know how u organized yours..thanks

Archu said...

Dei....Me ready for another one da ;-)

Sathish said...

kk, think abt us in b'lore where theres nothing to do.... xcept walk up & down shopping malls..

Nithya said...

Awesome!! Cant wait to experience this - even if its means the "trial" one you mentioned! :D

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Anon - Have mailed you !!

Archu - Yes, game on. Very soon!

Satish - You don't complain!! With the bullet rides, the "big race" et al!!! You are having a ball yourself!! We can do this sometime, when you are back here in chennai.

Niths - Yes, we begin "trials" with you!! :D

sagaro said...

Machan, next time you guys doing this, lemme know. I wanna do something like this :D

create&destroy said...

Dude, this is beautiful! Where in Chennai is this place? Also, where did you manage the life jackets? Is it alambara fort by ne chance ?

Like your space here, will come back more often:)

Anonymous said...

HI can you let me know whom to contact for getting a catamaran ride organized.

Please message me at

Sudeep said...

Hi, can you let me know whom to contact for getting this organized. Please mail the details to Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This is kewl stuff.....can you give the details about this ride.


Vani said...

hey!! as ppl askd abov... wher is dis plac!!!?? :-P im sorry to bug u! but yeah.. ive hear abt dis.. n googld it.. found ur blog............ if u could tel me... dat wuld b awesum!! thx u!

Archu said...

Hi all,

This place is on the East coast road in Tamil Nadu.There is a resort by the name Silver sands where they organise this.They will provide u the boat,life jacket and the support team.It cost us 300 per person.Its real good fun and the best time is now -Summer when u really wanna beat the heat.

The same catamaran ride is also provided at Fisherman's cove if I have heard it right from other sources.However this wa silver sands

Madhav said...

Please let me know the contact details to organise the trip...

Madhav said...

my mail id

Hafiz said...


The Catamaran Ride is a mild, low adrenaline water adventure that has few other adventure sports matching its unique excitement and thrill!

Want to plunge in middle of SEA ?

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yogi said...

mail me also on