Monday, July 02, 2007

Sports Story # 2 - Firesticks, Cricket bat and Will to Change

Shanba*, is a good pal and was/is a big part of my ex-cricket team. This is his story.
End of 2005 - Low fitness with "firesticks" lit up most times - Only run he did was running to the firestick- refilling place and obviously the only thing he held in his hand was the "firestick", burning away his lungs!
Middle of 2007 - He lights up the people around with his energy and fitness leves, "firesticks" replaced by the cricket bat in his hand [ that last 60 he scored is a proof!! ] and he burns the road with an hour long jog in the mornings, most days of the week.
Amazing attitude and will to change & improve!! Hats off!
*Name changed


Boston said...

I am starting to like this Sport story thread! :) keep em coming!

Archu said...

Nice one KK & I hope people learn from Shanba:-)

The Dragon said...

Think I need to meet this Shanba guy and ask him how he did it.

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Boston - Sure will man! Have a few more to share . After those, will bring the stories as it happens!!

Archu - Thanks

Dragon - Pls mail me! Will send his contacts :P

silver said...

shanba suddenly became didier drogba.......he transformed seeing the people around him,,,,kudos shanba