Friday, July 27, 2007

Autorickshaws - The lessons i learnt

Last 3 years in Chennai has been a very interesting period - Learnt tons of lessons ( some of which i learnt on my own and "life" taught me most of them). From the "lesson" repository, i bring out the guide for anyone attempting to use the 3 wheel - scooter ( Autorickshaws ) in Chennai.

Rules for Rickshaw Passengers :

  1. Never go to the "Auto Stand" to get into an auto. Demand-Supply economics don't work here. Too many autos and only you around - you expect a clear bargaining power. But it just doesn't work here thanks to the Unity of autodrivers.

  2. So, always try to get the attention of an "empty-passenger" auto guy who is passing by on the road. Empty auto's that follow the stopped auto will provide you with a favourable demand-supply scenario. Besides, the stopped auto guy will rather have you in his auto than go empty.
  3. Never give a "big name" destination. Period. If your actual destination is Taj Coramandel, then your "Auto destination" is Nungambakkam church. If the destination is Park Sheraton, then "Auto Destination" is Amma Naana store. Once an auto guy reduced 15 buck on his own when i told him i was going to Raghavendra Mutt!! He told me that he won't charge unfairly since i was going to the "mutt"!! ( In reality, "Mutt" was a mere landmark for a meeting with a pal !!! )

  4. If you take an Auto at some unearthly hour, this is how a typical Auto guy would negotiate and the counter. "Auto Guy - Its too late and i can't get passengers after dropping you and you pay 1.5 x the day time rate . You - Roads are free without any traffic and you can ride freely and save on petrol ! "

  5. If your destination is a congested location - "Auto Guy - Traffic is very dense and you can pay 20 buck on top of the usual charges . You - You drop me at the destination and tons of new passengers swarm around you at my destination.
  6. If you see a passenger getting off an Auto, that is the Auto you must take. Auto guy would be pleased to keep his "meter" ticking and would be willing to make a trade-off.

More when i "experience". If you know any, let me know!


Siddhi said...

Rule #1, #2 & #3 are the three most important rules for Chennai survival.

Also, always fix the price before getting into the auto.

Another one:

Me: I need to go to (someplace 100m from the main road)
Auto: Rs.40
Me: What? I'll give Rs.15
Auto: Have to go to all inside roads, so Rs.20 extra
Me: Ok, drop me at the main road for Rs.15

[flag down another auto behind]

Auto: Okay, I will take you to the inside road for Rs.20

Archu said...

Lol....Good one da!

Amritha said...

would have been a much more funny blog had u written the "typical responses" in typical auto kaaran tamil :)

Karthikeyan....KK said...

Sid - Thanks man. Missed more of these tricks !!

Archu - Maybe you should start writing too.

Amritha - Point taken !! Humour has always been a "weakness"!! Will try to do a "humour" post, some day soon!! ( and you guys better laugh! )

popsie said...

Nice post!!! Btw at the Central try avoid autos and when you get swamped by them, say no - vendam. Then they say - vaanga sir,meter pottu polam u think is he doing u a favor...u get in and he says: puth ruva(10Rs) potu kudanga sir.. so always fix the rate before you board a rik in good old Chennai!!

create&destroy said...

Lol ! Typical auto folks in chennai, I ended up hating them.

Funny to think about it now, there have been times when I have been depressed thinking about how unfair these auto folk are and how I let them cheat me or watever crap, but they'll be the reason for my bad mood which used to last long !

Nice to look at them with a sense of humour and try these neat lines. I'll remember these next time.

levelhead said...

#4 & #5 , nice ones! im gonna be using them.