Saturday, September 15, 2007

Children !

Went to a pal's place recently and spoke to his kid( who is in LKG) for a short while. I realise, as i write now, that the last time i interacted at length with a small kid was when my cousin brother ( who is in class 6 ) was 6-7 years younger!

The innocence, their questions, their answers to our questions, their tone, laugh, walk, interests, experessions, actions... one will only fall head over heals for those, like i did

Some memories...

I asked the kid , what his favourite colors were - he said " i like whyteeee and bleeuuu ( expression being happy excitement and wide grin... ). I like my shirts to be whyteeee... just like my teeth ( he had a wide grin... and pointed to his teeth and told us how white it should be..) "

He was playing with his toys, mainly cars. He fished out some toys, from the bag, which included a dump truck. His dad tried to join his "play" with the dump truck and his typical kid response "Appa, don't play with the dump truck. The dirt ( since it "carries" waste and not the toy being dusty ) will enter into your eyes... "

Thoroughly bathed myself in the innocense ...

This kid is super active and super smart.. someone to watch out for !!


Boston said...

Lol! You must try baby watching like bird watching! Time just melts away! :)

Archu:-) said...

Wonder how we lose this innocence as we grow up???

And also wonder why we cant display our patience with grown ups like how we patiently do listen to the toddlers???

Karthikeyan....KK said...

@ Boston - hehe. Agreed. Babies are more fun though!!

@ Archu - hahaha. You are the best person to answer the second question!!!!

Archu said...