Sunday, September 16, 2007

Things i will do before i kick the bucket

Here is a dream "to do" list - things i will do before i kick the bucket ( have more to add than that appears here and will do so at an appropriate time )

  1. Finish a Marathon ( Finished the Bangalore 2006 and Mumbai 2007 marathons )

  2. Run a Marathon in under 3 hours and 30 mins

  3. Take a cricket team to tournament victory ( Corporate league or local divisional league )

  4. Write a book

  5. Play the guitar

  6. Learn to dance comfortably ( move away from my current embarassing moves on the floor!! )

  7. Keep playing active sports ( run marathons, play cricket, badminton , tennis etc ) even after 70's

  8. Have a house by the beach

  9. Have a house in the hills

  10. Build a lasting entreprise

  11. Drive on an F1 track ( If not an F1 car, atleast a Ferrari )

  12. Do cross country biking ( Atleast 1000 km )

  13. Learn to cook !!!

  14. Learn to speak Hindi and French ( at the least! )

  15. Read biology lessons again ( i sucked at it at school and want to have a another go !! )

  16. Win a competitive 100 m race ( Have won at school, college levels )

  17. Set a record in Athletics at a competitive level ( 400 m junior Coimbatore record is in my name J )

  18. Finish a triathlon race

  19. Travel to all the continents

  20. Explore a rain forest

  21. Travel around India on a Rs.100 a day budget

  22. Ride through the tour de france mountain section

  23. Read the college physics book again ( and understand the concepts )

  24. Build a car from scratch

  25. Become more energy efficient ( thanks to my bro's inspiration )

  26. Fly an aircraft

  27. Learn to be efficient when working 14+ hours

  28. Use few words to convey a point and do so convincingly

  29. ....

This will be a rolling blog post - will update when the time is RIGHT to add to the list / crossed the action.

Am tagging my buddies below, to come up with a similar blog post

  • Amie
  • Anu
  • Nithya
  • Sumi
  • Abhinav
  • Arvind / Neeru
  • Boston


Nithya said...

Interesting read! 3 out of 28 is not bad...lemme also give it a shot!

Sumi said...

Hey KK!

I am Sumi's latest blog :p
So yeah write good comments on my posts, tag me, link me and yeah read me!


Archu :-) said...

Learn to speak Hindi and French???Lol...Shubkamnaayein!Bon Chance;-)

Aqua said...
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Amritha said...

awesome post...totally stole ur thunder and came up with a list of my own :)

Karthikeyan....KK said...

@ Niths - I got a long way to go!!! But if you can sponsor , i can cross out a few !!!
@Sumi - Done !! Keep the posts coming!!
@Archu - (translation please!!!! ) havent started yet!!!
@Amritha - Thanks. Thats a neat "to do" list you got up there.