Saturday, September 29, 2007

Runs N Wickets

If you want to score your runs and take the opponent's wickets, join RunsNWickets.

That is the cricket team i play for. We are a bunch of passionate cricketers who meet up every weekend for a hit in the NETS or play a match. We also meet online using the google groups where the finer details about the game are shared and discussed.

Some photos from a recent game at Madras Christian College ( MCC) ground at Tambaram - One of the most scenic grounds i've played .

The green ground..

Vinoth ( Our keeper-batsman, who has played for TN under 17 team ) shows defense..

That is me, going hard after a cricket ball ..

Needless to say who won the game :)


Hari said...

I know your first love is cricket...and then Running, and Ultimate frisbee..

What's next? Keep Rocking!!

Archu:-) said...

Hmm...In hindi there is a saying"Gaav par namak chidakna"-Similar to "Adding fuel to fire".Next game we(FCC) will hopefully win:-)

But if I am in FCC can i still join this group;)

Boston said...

can guys who know "kitti pul" join :p, have fun playin cricket!

Abhinav Vinayakh Shankar said...

Photo named as 'me hitting six' ellaam too much da.
look at my pathetic stance in first slip. duh!

Karthikeyan....KK said...

@ Hari - Thanks Coach ... what next.. hmm someday want to take that fastest chennairunner tag away from you !! lol

@ Archu - All talk !! :P

@ Boston - Yes yes!! Join !! And btw, we need some people to entertain us at the half time ( like in basketball / T20 etc :P )

@ Abhinav - "Me hitting six" ... eyes gone aaa ?? with that photo - orey kallulae 2 mango :P !! me hitting hard and you watching hard :P